Teacher Spotlight: Mrs. Bundren

This month’s teacher spotlight is Mrs. Bundren! Mrs. Bundren teaches 9th-grade Pre-AP Biology and does a superb job at doing so. She has taught at Spain Park since 2007. If you have experienced Mrs. Bundren’s class, then you know how hands-on and interactive the class is. She makes learning the material fun, memorable, and entertaining. She is always willing to help if you do not understand something and is willing to put in the utmost effort to help you succeed. We asked Mrs. Bundren a series of questions in order to learn a little bit more about her.

What made you interested in biology?

“I always knew I wanted to be a teacher, but I thought I wanted to teach either middle school science or high school chemistry. I chose to major in general science education where you take a variety of science classes in all disciplines and are certified to teach any science 6-12th grade. One of the courses I took was genetics and another was vertebrate biodiversity. I fell in love with DNA and studying organisms – so much so that I considered switching majors to molecular biology or herpetology. I decided that with teaching biology, I could continue to study what I love AND teach it to others.”

Favorite Color and Number?

Her favorite color is blue and favorite number is 3.

Pet Peeves?

She considers herself immune to normal annoyances.

If you could turn any activity into an Olympic sport, what would you win gold for?

“Organizing. It would need to be a decathlon of alphabetizing, sorting, and labeling objects. I can also touch my nose with my tongue and wiggle my ears. They are skills that took me years to master.”

Something tons of people are obsessed with that you just don’t understand why?

“Pumpkin spice lattes. They taste like dirt. I love pumpkin pie, and everyone knows I love Starbucks, but those things are disgusting.”


Mrs. Bundren loves Mario Kart, NES Classic, Super NES, and Nintendo64 games. She understands the advancements in modern video-games but would prefer to just, “Collect coins, jump on a mushroom and go down a tunnel.”

Would you rather go to the future or back to the past?

“Tough question. I don’t want to know the future. I think knowing things in the future would make it difficult to live in the present. However, I don’t want to go back to the past. There are definitely things I would do differently, but I wouldn’t want that to affect certain things about my life and my family now.”

Since it is getting closer to Halloween, I find it only important to ask the most serious question: Do you like candy corn?


As you can see, Mrs. Bundren is an amazing and dynamic teacher that students tend to love and remember. She has coined the term “Bio With Bundy” which can be heard coming from past students anytime the word “biology” is mentioned.