Spain Park High School Band Wins All

This past Saturday, September 30, the Spain Park High School Band, Pride of the Park, attended the North Alabama Classic Marching Band Invitational. The Pride of the Park won superior in every caption (best in class drum major, best band, best percussion, best majorettes, best overall drum major, best overall majorettes, and best overall band), won Grand Champion, and most entertaining band. In addition, Audra Campbell won Best Solo for the entire Invitational. Good luck to The Pride of the Park in the future competitions!   Continue reading Spain Park High School Band Wins All

The SPHS Art Club

Have you ever wished to participate in a revolutionary organization at Spain Park high school? Have you ever questioned how you can make a difference using your creative intuition? Have you ever wanted to find new friends based on your own interests? Now, you have a chance to do all of those things! Join the art club, if you wish to change the world, one paintbrush at a time. Few people comprehend the importance of art. Art can have multiple perspectives and is not limited to one specific medium. Art, whether it be painting or photography, allows people to express … Continue reading The SPHS Art Club

Life Lessons: Success and Values, Happiness, and Entitlement

Introduction Over the past week, I luckily stumbled upon the author, entrepreneur, and philosopher Mark Manson. The ideas that I came across were life-changing. I will try my best to recant the messages that he delivers as well as give my own take on them. Success and Values In a world where the mass media controls the outflow of information, we rarely ever see anything “ordinary.” Most of what comes out in the news, commercials, or press releases is the top of the line in each area. Why? Because we the readers are entertained more by LeBron James or the … Continue reading Life Lessons: Success and Values, Happiness, and Entitlement